The installation is made up of 2 structuralist films. The first is constantly changes shape & morphing into something new. Like meditation, it is in the moment that you pause & release yourself to its rhythm that it becomes something new, yet still familiar. The second is a portrait of a nature-defying restructuring of the belly of a bridge. Both films were made on the bank of the Los Angeles River.

“Ryan’s pieces stimulate on several levels. One can simply appreciate their soothing surface beauty, trace out their subtle visual patterns and modulations, or relinquish control and enter a trance-like state in which the images ebb and flow across the mind like a tidal stream.”

– Brandon Colvin (Filmmaker and PhD Candidate)

Meditation #1 - RHG NTG
Meditation #1 - RHG - 19'' X 13''
3 limited editions prints
sold out
Meditation #2 - RHG NTG
Meditation #2 - RHG - 19'' X 13''
3 limited edition prints
2 sold 

Meditation #4 - RHG NTG
Meditation #4 - RHG - 19'' X 13''
3 limited addition prints

Meditation #5 - RHG NTG

Meditation #5 - RHG - 19'' X 13''
3 limited addition prints

Meditation #7 - RHG NTG

Meditation #7 - RHG - 19'' X 13''
3 limited edition prints
 sold out

“Compelling images and dynamic visuals combined with Gray’s emphasis on shape, texture and detail captivate the onlooker and will be sure to draw a crowd this Saturday.”
– The Cult Collective

A portion of the sales will be donated to Elysian Valley Arts Collective who is doing great work on the LA River and hosted the Frogtown Art Walk.

NOWHERE TO GO was an official event of the Frogtown Art Walk 2013.



 by Ryan Harper Gray

was originally presented at The Left Bank, in conjunction with the 2013 Frog Town Art Walk on September 28 in Los Angeles, California.

Artist Statement

NOWHERE TO GO is a video installation & selected photographs from an ongoing series by the artist exploring the relationship between the Los Angeles River and the industrial landscape it calls home. The focus of the installation and photographs, while their gaze is not always on the river itself, examines the way in which the river changes the aesthetics of the industrial landscape. What is revealed is a peace that passes through the chaos of a city bursting at the seams.

The title of the show makes reference to the location, and the relationship the artist has with that location. What started as a meditation in which he sat on the riverbank, and had “nowhere to go,” became a source of inspiration. All of the work presented was photographed and captured within four blocks of the location of the show ,”The Left Bank”, and on the bank of the L. A. River itself.

The artist wishes to thank Jacqueline Goodman-Lean and The Left Bank for their support and vision. He couldn’t imagine a more perfect place to have originally presented his work than in the area in which it was made.

Artist Bio

RYAN HARPER GRAY was born in Waxahachie, Texas and grew up in a southern American Pentecostal preacher’s home. There, he struggled to express his artistic needs, and eventually abandoned his faith to follow his passion which began in the theater and has continued on to visual art and film.

Gray is a self-taught artist working in any medium he can get his hands on. He generally doesn’t work on one-off pieces, but on larger series. His work comes first from a place of play – regardless if it’s walking down a riverbank, filming for the sake of filming, or picking up a paintbrush and running it across a page. The work leads him and he follows. It is in that free, creative process in which he finds a focus and narrative that leads to larger work, and is how his latest project NOWHERE TO GO was formed.

After many years working in the avant-garde theater, he collaborated with the prolific American Independent Filmmaker Jon Jost on five feature films, all of which screened worldwide and picked up the Grand Prix at the Split Film Festival in Croatia. Gray has acted in over 15 features and is currently in post-production on his narrative feature directorial debut THIS IS A LOVE STORY.

While filmmaking takes up a lot of his time these days, it is when he works alone, on his visual art, that he feels most free.

Ryan Harper Gray currently lives and works on a hillside in Silver Lake, East Los Angeles, California USA. @ryanharpergray

NOWHERE TO GO – Los Angeles, California September 2013

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